Eliminate Attic Rats Easily and Quickly

ImageNot many people know that there are different types of rats. It is maybe because all the people know is that rats of all sorts are disgusting, freaky and annoying pests. No one would like to live rats inside their homes. It is also not safe to do so. Rats can give so many damages to your property. Aside from that, it is a known carrier of germs that can give serious illness and sickness to people. This is why it is no wonder that people would take on any type of method just to get rid of rats, no matter what type it is.

The most commonly seen rats are the house rats. These are the grayish in color and are not really that big. However, if you notice bigger types of rats which are sometimes brown or black in color, then you have attic rats in your home. Roof rats or more known as attic rats obviously stay in the attic and other higher areas of the house like ceilings, upper cabinets and trees. These are more destructive because they are larger in size. This type of rat would only go down from their hiding place to find food for themselves and their colony as well. So if you have foods that are unprotected in your kitchen or dining area, then it will surely be sabotaged by these rodents.

So, how can you eliminate attic rats? First of all, you need to determine what particular type of method you would like to use against them. You can actually spread out rat poison in the place where they are hiding or in areas where you normally see them. With this method, you will need good rat bait stations. These are spots wherein your will place your baits and poison. This is very vital as this is the area where you will have those rats killed through the poison that you are offering them.

You should place those rat bait stations where you think rats will be most going to. You can place these in moist areas like near the pipes, kitchen corners, garages, warehouses and rooms that are unused and messy. The type of bait you will use will also play a big role in capturing those attic mice. You should use baits like meats, grains, seeds, fruits, vegetables and cheese. Oftentimes, people would always use cheese as their bait against the rats. Some rats are smart enough to know that the cheese is common bait. With this, they try to avoid it and your method will then become a failure. Try to offer different types of baits so that the rats will not notice that you are trying to capture them.

And the best method to eliminate attic rats and also other types of rodents and pests is to keep your place always clean and tidy. Without mess, rats will not have any place to stay in. Make your home undesirable for the rats so that you can avoid infestations. Aside from the inner part of your home, you should also maintain cleanliness even in the exterior of your home. Cleaning up your place will give those rats no chance of getting into your home. This should be your first and best defense against those pesky rats.


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